Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last Bipolar Express show for a bit this Saturday...

This Saturday (2/27) the BPE will make it's Oak Cliff debut at the ultra-cozy Tradewinds Social Club and we're pretty excited about it. This will be our last show for a little while as we're taking some time off to focus on recording some songs which will make up a 7-inch single (at least!). And then later we'll be invading the State Capital to aid in their efforts to "Keep Austin Weird" (sorry!)when we play the Scoot Inn on April 17th with Scrabble Robot, and Black Panda....This will be one for the history books, folks!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~Tradewinds Two-fer~

Due to seredipity, dumb-luck, or some kind of magick I'm unaware of both of the bands that Hank Tosh and I play in are having shows at the same bar (not at the same time) the next two Saturdays. This Sat. (2/20) will feature DJ Mojo Workout spinning some classic country and possibly some country-blues, followed by an acoustic performance by our friend Noah Bailey (of the Naptime Shake), Saddle Tramp will then play 2 sets with a break by DJ M-Wo.

Then on Saturday 2/27 DJ M-Wo will do much the same but this time he'll be playing soul, r&b, punk, garage and noisier-fare followed by (and in between) 2 sets by the Bipolar Express. I'm not sure if I'll ever have an occurence like this again so I did the hand-drawn poster for both shows combined. I'm really looking forward to all of this as I already liked the Tradewinds, their laid-back staff and regulars, as well as the living room-like performance area. Come see us....and don't forget your pipe and slippers....