Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Goode Tymes at Thee Sons of Hermann Hall

Our second "Garage Rock" Super Show at the Sons of Hermann Hall was a great success by all accounts. If we could ever get the groups from the various waves of this non-movement on the same page we could have a festival kinda thing on our hands (but I'm not sure how that would go over here in Dallas anyway).

Narrowly avoided having it high-jacked as a benefit at the last minute for the local community radio station (who shall remain nameless but they've been here for well over 10 years)....but at least we got some free radio spots out of it. But what's important is PEOPLE CAME OUT, AND STAYED ALL NIGHT....And the bands could not have been better. I think our band (the Bipolar Express) had a pretty good show but the Ugly Beats, the Mullens, and the Sons of Hercules were life-affirming rock and roll at it's best.

Sons of Hermann Hall and the folks that run the place are a true natural resource in Dallas, Texas and I'm proud as hell to play shows there...Not to be unappreciated!