Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's all TOO real!!!

A Polack Evolves...

I'm trying to find myself. Well not really....I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing with this whole "Pickin' Polack" project/comedy routine/trainwreck. It started innocently enough; Matt Powers and I thought it would be cool to fill-in for Saddle Tramp opening a show at the late RedBlood Club. We were just serious enough to present some semblance of a musical performance with minimal practice and familiarity with the material. In my twisted view of reality I wanted to believe we could be some kind of crappy version of the greatness that is Memphis' supreme duo, Jeff Evans and Ross Johnson but without the coolness, cred, ability , or sense of humor.

We've played four shows now to varying degrees of success, and with that experience under my belt I'm attempting to decide how to proceed. I started out with the idea that we had to "kind of fit in" with the bands we were playing with but now I'm not so sure. I hate limitations but there's actually a form of freedom in placing restrictions on yourself...sort of limiting your palette if you will. Too many options confuse the creative-process and sometimes the initial inspiration gets lost along the way. I want to keep it simple but I also want to be able to do different styles (at least half-ass), play with a variety of bands, and most importantly entertain myself and others. That being said I think we might find a bass player(possibly bass/drums rotation) and if someone I know wants to sit-in on keys, or some other instrument now and then that's nice too. (Zither anyone?)

It's a really weird time in the history of music to throw ones hat into the ring but a big part of my inspiration to do this has been my attitude about live music which can be summed up with the phrases "I can't believe they're getting away with that crap up there!" or "This is what I live for!". Yeah, it's pretty much all been done, but my lyrics are slightly-different ( than the first ten bands using the same chord progressions) and rock and roll/country/folk/punk/popular music in any form, etc, etc, is a folk-tradition well worth continuing relevant, innovative or not. -Love , The Pickin' Polack