Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bad collage of good folks...

Exciting Times in Dallas Music!

Bear in mind that I have a skewed perspective on music, both local and otherwise, but dang-me if there aren't exciting things going on these days in the Dallas music scene. I'd be lying if said I wasn't a midly-reclusive, music snob with artistic leanings that only intermittently checks in on said scene beyond slavishly perusing the Observer and various blogs but I'm still a big supporter in my own way.
While I still have to make the trip up to Denton for most of the really great shows, our fair city seems to be having yet-another musical and artistic rennaissance of sorts. The galleries seem to be out-numbering the progressive music venues for now but with the appearance of Sloppyworld, John Freeman's Swiss-Army knife of a cultural outpost and a recently revitalized (out of necessity) Bar of Soap and a remodeled RedBlood Club under new management to name a few, things are looking up. I'm sure I've left plenty others off the list...but Hey, I said I was a bit out-of-the-loop.
And then there are the numerous interesting new(ish) bands/performers such as Dovehunter, The Strange Boys, Tree Wave, Naptime Shake, Doug Burr, and The Lonesome Losers among others. Other than Tree Wave, about whom I've only read so I can't rightly say, all these folks play great, vital, live-shows that make going out worth it. However, I get extra-happy when I think about all the bands that are re-uniting every time I turn around such as Dallas' favorite sons of Garage- Rock(proper), The Blackouts (who just happen to be kicking-ass) and everybody's tequila-fueled band the Loco Gringos. Makes me pine for the days of a show like that one in someones cattle-corral in Gainesville back around '95 featuring the stellar line-up of Cornhole, Jet Screamer, Electric Freestyle Fantasy, the Dooms U.K., and Slobberbone.