Tuesday, November 13, 2007

King Khan & BBQ show changed my life (again)!

Photo by R. Otazo.

Real Rock and Roll isn't dead...

I know this isn't news to some of you, and there are still more of you that either don't care or have been blissfully listening to a neutered, watered-down version of what was once a genuine force of nature. I was lucky enough to attend another of those all-too-rare life-changing shows last Friday night in beautiful Denton, Texas. The King Khan & BBQ show are among a growing number of musical acts that appear to be making music for themselves first with the knowledge that doing so is the only way to produce "art" or at least kick-ass music that will find it's own audience. In a perfect world (and yes, that would be MY vision of a Utopia) their song "Waddlin' Around" (from their first, self-titled album recorded in 2004 and issued by Goner Records in the U.S.A.) would have been a number one, chart-topping single.

It's strange world we live in that loves nothing more than to forget the past. I'm often reminded of this phenomenom when people are unable to get into an artist(visual, musical, literary ot otherwise) that was clearly the template for one of their favorites seemingly for the reason that they aren't current. That would be a real shame in the case of this duo as they combine elements of primitive/early rock and roll with doo-wop and early punk and garage rock(with touches of psychedlia no less) to create a style that is both timeless and forward-thinking. This has been said about many bands before but it needs to said again. The music in itself is really great but with the addition of a truly spectacular stage-show they are NOT TO BE MISSED!

I won't go into great detail about them as there are plenty of other articles on the net that do so but here are the basics: Two guys. One plays the drums with his feet while playing guitar and singing. The other plays guitar and sings while dancing around and staring into the crowd with an expression that is hard to describe. They often wear costumes including dresses and wigs, Nazi helmets, and Swami turbans and/or capes. For a close-up look at the set-up you can consult this site:


I have loved their music for years now and had heard tales of amazing shows but nothing prepared me for this one.