Monday, March 12, 2007

Saddle Tramp at Fred's Texas Cafe 3-10-07.

Creativity comes full circle.

Hi you two! Did you miss me? Yeah, I know...we've all been busy. It's so hard in this work-a-day world to keep up with the things that matter, or even my attempt at a blog. Heck, I still haven't made it to the point where I'm comfortable posting an Mp3 on my site or tucking in my shirt. Oh well, there are plenty of great music blogs out there if that's what you want. And in my defense I've been pretty distracted by recent events that I won't go into right now.

It's been months since my last post but a lotttttt of stuff has happened during this transitional time in my life. That picture at the top isn't just to show off the rugged good looks of our band Saddle Tramp; It also serves to illustrate the completion of a great circle(cycle?) that began when I met some friends, and one stranger for what I thought would be the first practice of a new punk/garage/rock and roll band. In what I thought was a typical result of this meeting the band never did practice or even get together again but we did go to a cool place called Fred's Texas Cafe for burgers, and beers afterwards. That's when Jeremy Diaz gave me my first decent amp just for the promise of getting it fixed and then using that to play some tunes. Thanks again for your generosity Jeremy, and for those of you that have ever seen the Riverboat Gamblers, Dead Sexy, or his newest band the Strange Attractors he's been instrumental in the sound and formation of all of them. Sure it was a smallish, solid-state Fender Deluxe 85, but it was LOUD and it had a springer-reverb so I was happy. In fact I still play through that amp and last Saturday night we played at Fred's, where the photo was taken by J.T. Deadbones , thus the circle was completed. In fact just by playing some fun, little shows and getting a decent response I feel that I've accomplished a life-long goal that I was beginning to think was impossible.

I've always been a creative type of person, and I've gone through many different stages, and phases in the expression of my creativity which usually manifests itself in the form of art and music. I've always felt more qualified to say that I'm a visual artist than a musician but in recent years I've tried to even up the score a bit. I play guitar and do some vocals in a simple, Country/Folk/Roots/Americana/Texas Music band but compared to most professional musicians I'm pretty untrained in technical terms. Still, I feel like I've come a long way from the bedroom recordings I used to make with friends that were little more than musical comedy for the sole purpose of entertaining ourselves. I've always been a big music fan but for a variety of reasons including: the fact that I was disillusioned with the "art" world (I wasn't sure where my place was between that and the advertising/illustration world), I needed a change of pace, and I was plagued by personal hang-ups/copping-out I pretty much blew off art for music. I'm ready to strike a balance once again.

I'm excited about not only making art, but also checking out what's going on in the art world once again. My niece Lauren has been doing some incredible paintings and it's been very inspiring to me and there are more interesting galleries and alternative art-spaces around the Metroplex than ever so the time feels right. I have this sick fantasy that the years of back-logged creativity will just pour out of me to produce interesting results but one thing I've learned is that most of the "romantic" notions of the artist/poet/musician, etc. are nothing more than justifications for one thing or another and are not based in truth. You have to create and maintain your own muse because creativity is like a muscle that needs to be used and strengthened or it will wither and die.

We recorded six songs for an e.p. thingy and the rough mixes sound pretty nice. You can listen to three of them here:

and here's a link to the fabulous Fred's: