Saturday, January 14, 2006

Here tis!

Psychotic Infractions and Zombie Dung!

I'm listening to the completed "Psychotic Infractions Volume 1: Under the Covers" disc, that I just happen to appear on, for the first time... fresh from the mailman's hands. I'm about 2/3 through, and I can honestly say that this is a pretty great compilation, especially considering the way it all came together. (for details see previous posts) I'll admit that I've been checking the mailbox, and the thread this whole thing originated in on all morning, but morning is relative isn't it? Track 17, by Sir Maggot's band The Maggots is "Tomato Juice", a song originally by The Cardinals, and it's rocking my socks off right this second. The timing for the next song to appear (W.B. Vaughan's countryish take on Bo Diddley's "Roadrunner")is perfect to illustate the variety of musical styles represented here. There's everything from traditional, organ-driven garage-rock, to country/rockabilly, straight-up rock and roll, garagepunk, boogie, and the hard-to-categorize. Sprinkle in some soul, punk and mod-influence and you're pretty close. All done with the spark that's what made us all love this stuff in the first place. Now this isn't to say that every song on here is great, or in a lot of cases, listenable( to most average music fans). But since musical taste is so subjective I'll clarify this by saying that IN MY OPINION this disc holds it's own against many other established comps, and I can listen to this thing straight through and dig it all.

I'd like to eventually do a track-by-track review of the album but for now I'll just say it speaks for itself. The fact that I'm still unable to post audio on this here blog is frustrating since I'd love to share this with anyone who's interested. I'll go ahead and post this link to the thread on Kopper's site so that, if anybody gets the gumption to, a podcast or some other way to get the songs may soon be available...

Kudos to those who went for an "authentic" '60's garage sound. Some of these could pass for the real thing( from way back when). First-impression standouts include tracks
by : atvff (atvff), jprackets (Morey & The Amsterdams), MalThursday (Mal Thursday & the Cheetahs), Carpet Donkey (Trash Stranglers), K.F. (Daytonas), vonghouls (Von Ghouls), Spacerich66 (Spacerich66), Sir Maggot (Maggots), W.B. Vaughan (W.B. Vaughan), and Mr Pharmacist (Betty & the ID). An honorable mention goes to the ultra-raw cover of the Sonics' "Psycho" by rumblemoney (Damn Dirty Apes). Be sure to listen to the one by krakhaus( The Mahow Mahows) just because it's me, and please feel free to comment, complain or say "That only sucked a little!".

And while I'm tooting my own horn you can check out my big(ish) screen debut in Justin Powers' POT ZOMBIES at the Texas Frightmare Weekend horror convention coming up on February 4th and 5th in majestic Grapevine, Texas. My buddy Justin has been crafting this labor of love for a few years now and we finally get to see the results. In addition to portraying a redneck hunter with a weed-jones, and a pot-belly( hey, it was three years ago/no pun intended) in the film, I did some artwork for, and provided some props for this beauty. The convention sounds pretty cool too with appearances from special effects legend Tom Savini, legendary director Herschell Gordon Lewis, movie critic Joe Bob Briggs, Troma's Lloyd Kaufman, scream-queen Linnea Quigley, and a performance from reunited local speed- metal heroes Rigor Mortis among many other notables.

Here's the Pot Zombies Myspace page...

Oh yes, and DVDs are available!