Monday, November 28, 2005

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Still wasted but now with focus!

This photo was taken a few months back during my trip to Corpus Christi. I include it now because I like the photo, and I'm having a bit of deja vu relating to that period of my life again. And let's not forget Freddy, who loomed large over popular radio when I was a tot. My folks were way into him, and it saddens me that he would never make it in pop music today. His big songs were Wasted Days and Wasted Nights and (I'll be there) Before the Last Teardrop Falls for those of you that might be unfamiliar. His brand of Tex-Mex rock and roll meshed perfectly with that of Doug Sahm when they teamed up for The Texas Tornadoes. I saw him on an endless-loop type infomercial for a Classic-Country cd set on cable at Kara's grandma Judy's place in Claremore, Oklahoma last night so it all ties together somehow.

I basically drove the nearly six-hundred mile round trip to drop her off for about three weeks to help her granny run her gift-basket shop during this busy holiday season. That and the fact that we are both losing our minds due to our nebulous realtionship made this "vacation" necessary . It's hard for me to decide how much to comment on about this so I'll err on the side of caution and just say we'll see what happens. No need to bore you, my imagined audience, with such matters. This ain't no EMO-journal. I did get to listen to some great music on the trip back including a bunch of great, random punk I downloaded off of various Mp3 blogs, and some Sir Douglass Quintet cds, and pretty much the whole Reigning Sound discography in order. Greg Cartwright never ceases to amaze me. He'll fool you with some song you think is kind of a throwaway, and then on a subsequent listening it kicks you in the head with its kickassitude!

I'll probably be posting more regularly as I have much more time on my hands now. And if you happen to pass Buford's Fun and Nut Company in Sherman, Texas (right on I-75 North) stop in and pick me up a post-card. (There was a mildly disturbing mural featuring a "mad hatter" type character out front and the whole thing made me ruminate over the thought process involved in such a venture. "Well, people love FUN and people love NUTS, right?")

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Link Wray R.I.P.

The originals are quickly leaving us

As I come to consciousness this morning I am listening to Joe Belock's excellent THREE CHORD MONTE radio show on WFMU via the world-wide-web. The music he's playing is the inspiration for this post. He's doing a well-deserved tribute to the father of the power-chord, and perhaps the father of all raw, aggressive electric guitar-playing as well...LINK WRAY. He was buried on November 18th in Copenhagen, Denmark to little fanfare per his request, and most likely due at least in part to the obliviousness of most critics and fans of popular music. Hell, CNN didn't pick up on it until he had been in the ground for 4 days!!!...

I won't go into detail about this great loss( even if he was only 76 years old for pete's sake!). I will say that Link was influencing my life path before I was even aware of him though. It's common knowledge that Link was the inspiration for Pete Townshend to pick up a guitar, and The Who were in competition only with Van Halen for the title of my favorite band as a kid. Neil Young was also quoted as saying that if he could go back in time to see any band it would be Link Wray and his Raymen. It was inevitable that I was later drawn to the punk rock that Link hinted at with his deceptively simple, beautifully distorted guitar work, and attitude. It's hard to imagine a world in which Mr. Wray never existed, and I don't even want to try. I regret that I just missed getting to see him at last year. I guess I thought he'd be around forever. With that in mind here's the part where I put the link to the second petition to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that I've posted( The first being Doug Sahm/Sir Douglass Quintet)...

If you have ever enjoyed a "dirty" guitar tone or believe in any kind of justice take a minute to sign the petition. And then proceed to poke pencil holes through the speaker-cones of every guitar amp that you are in proximity to...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

...The one and only Jimmy Carter!

Well, now I've done it. I managed to get my little blog here listed amongst many other blogs that in general seem to kick-ass, especially in comparison to this 'un. Kopper, of fame has turned that site into a blog with the requisite large number of links(one of which leads this way). Don't fret though, he still manages the Herculean task of doing a radio show, running a garagepunk and related forum, and probably a bunch of other projects that he's either too modest or busy to gab about. I need some of his focus and energy. It's time to step up to the plate. I'd feel that I had more to offer if I only knew how to post an Mp3 on my site( hint..hint!). I have tried to find out for myself but as I am mostly HTML illiterate I haven't found anything that spells it out well enough. And Blogger.coms own podcast/audio section won't let me register, so for now I will just have to try to dazzle you with bullshit, so here goes...

"This isn't the real America" is the title of a suprising article by former president Jimmy Carter in the most recent LA times. It was suprising to me at least, as it closely echoed my own feelings about the general direction our country has taken, especially in regards to the war. Carter was the first president that I was conciously aware of being in office and his presence was felt strongly even in pop culture at the time. He was a colorful character, with the whole peanut-farmer, big-toothed smile, and drunken brother thing. My Dad still proudly displays his lone surviving can of Billy Beer in his hunting room. I think Jimmy gets a bad rap today, though it's no surprise, just look what they've done to Clinton's image. Check it out, it's a short read and it might give you some glimmer of hope for American politics.,0,7164514.story

On a side note the title of the photo and text posts from today are a line from a song called "Jimmy Carter" by the sadly defunct "insurgent country" band Blue Mountain. If you like what is known as Alt-Country, Americana, Ya'llternative, Cowpunk, etc. etc. pick up some of their stuff. I can't recommend the album Dog Days enough, but they are all above average.

It's finally getting cold here, and I'm excited about it. I like cold weather, and snow more than I should for someone that calls the Lone Star state his home. One day I may migrate further North but I would either have to become an expert Mexican-style chef or convince some Amigos to go with me. Yes, I live for Mexican food. Speaking of Tex-Mex, this Friday, November 18th has been declared ( unofficially I assume) Doug Sahm Day in Dallas. What this means other than the fact that Shawn Sahm & His Tex Mex Experience featuring Augie Miers with special guest Eleven Hundred Springs will be playing at The Sons of Hermann Hall in Deep Ellum, I don't know. Shawn is the son of Doug( R.I.P. ), Augie was in some of Doug's bands, and 1100 Springs are as close to old-school country as you can get as well as owing a great musical debt to Doug(this in common with any band that has a twang and is any good) , so the show should be great.