Friday, August 19, 2005

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I can SING! (sort of)

Well, Matt Louis and I wrapped up the majority of the recording last night, and if I do say so myself it sounds pretty durn good. We basically started from scratch as I had my head planted firmly in me arse the previous night but it worked out better this time anyway. We even finally got that "fuzzy" tone I wanted for the overdub of the main guitar riff. But the most suprising part of the whole process was recording the vocals. As far as I know I had never done any kind of decent recording of any of my "music" let alone documented my attempts at serious vocals. If I hadn't been in on all the action I wouldn't have known the voice that emerged was mine. This isn't to say that I sang in an overly affected manner, or that Matt put some kind of crazy effect on my voice, it's just that the sound you get from a decent microphone when singing over your own music somehow sounds better. Of course I'm biased, but it sounds pretty cool.

The only things we need to do at this point are replace the sampled drums with real ones and do the final mix. What's even greater is that Matt says he'd like to do more of this in the future. He's used to playing and recording at the same time so this has been a good way for him to get more experience with recording. I've been really lucky to have friends like I do that can allow me this type of experience. Thanks to Randy Parker and Matt Louis! I can't wait to get the comp. cd and listen to my song amongst all the other contributions.

In more exciting rock and roll news my buddy "Wild Bill" Ivy just hipped me to the fact that the legendary Mummies are supposed to be playing at the Rockening in New Orleans, La. just before Halloween. I'd sell a kidney to be there, but I may be able to avoid that.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I do not know the nice lady with the SCARY clown paintings. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

People still freak me out!

You know how things will be going along just swimmingly and then all of a sudden some (I hesitate to use the word)...PERSON has to go and do something to remind you that not everyone thinks, or behaves the way you do or would like them to. Why does this have to happen? I'm just constantly amazed at the oblivious and thoughtless behavior exhibited by many of my peers. (and by some of those well above, or below me on the social heirarchy... oh yeah, sometimes by me too!) I guess the reason I mention this is that a friend of mine that I have known for over two years casually asked me what I did for a living during a conversation recently. Now I realize that I don't talk about work much, but unless you have a really interesting job then I'd suggest you don't either. It just kind of sends a signal to me that this person might be a bit more self-centered than I thought. I already knew he was absent-minded with a tendency to drone on about his every activity. Maybe it's just me.

A few random thoughts...

This weekend Matt Louis and I are going to record my opus...a mind-bending version of Hipsville 29 B.C. by The Sparkles. We plan to use anything we can get our hands on for percussion and to keep it really crude. I plan to channel the spirit of the seemingly more-alive-than ever Roky Erickson( of Thirteenth Floor Elevators fame) when I let loose with my patented demented, white boy vocals. Roky has been more lucid in the last few years due to taking his medication, and he's been performing more and more around the Austin area. I must see him at all costs.

I'm ready for summer to be over. Bring on the Nordic Frost, post haste.

What was going on in the 1970's that made scary clown paintings, big-eyed kid/Margaret Keane paintings, and depressing music so popular? I mean I love them all, but I'm a little odd. It seems like there was some kind of hazy, yellow melancholy that blanketed most pop culture of that era. What's popular in the mainstream today couldn't be more different. Gordon Lightfoot could only exist as some kind of college/indie/Drag City recordsish character. If for no other reason than the fact that an attention span, a capacity for abstract thought and the ability to appreciate music with real human emotion are required to enjoy this type of expression it couldn't happen today. I still can't explain how anything other than ironic humor is gained from that weird ass artwork though.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Old Ink Drawing with NEW cheesy color. Posted by Picasa

Hipsville 29 B.C... the title of a song originally recorded by a West Texas band called THE SPARKLES that was active in the '50's and '60's. They seem to have started out like most groups of the time playing early rock and roll, which was an mix of country(and western), and blues that sometimes careened into rockabilly. They stayed together long enough to change with the times and this song in particular is the only one I'm actually that familiar with. It sounds like a lot of "garage" type songs with simple fuzzed out guitar, and the singer channels a little James Brown to great effect, but the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts as they say.

I'm going to record my own version of it with the help of some friends in the next few weeks and I'm getting pretty amped about it. I haven't recorded music in any form since college and never in a manner approaching professionalism. I may end up playing a majority of the instruments but I will at least play rhythm guitar and sing lead. The motivation into these largely uncharted waters came in the form of a call for entries in the Shakin' Street forum on They are asking for '60's covers focusing on garage rock. They seem to be pretty lax in their standards though I think they're expecting people to suprise themselves which I hope is the case. I remember the reference to something like "a guy with a tape recorder and an out-of-tune guitar" and this can be a beautiful asethetic if you are at all familiar with tastes that run toward the LO-FI or RAW/PRIMITIVE. This is not to say that there aren't some certifiable "legends" of various eras involved, like Tom Kirby of TONTO AND THE RENEGADES fame whose song "Little Boy Blue" is a very well known example of the genre. The tentative title for the compilation is Under the Covers, and I like it.

I also wanted to mention the fact that my big screen debut occured on Wednesday night at of all places The Studio Movie Grill in Plano, Tx. I had a walk-on in my friend Justin's short film THE HISTORY OF THE LURKERS which is going to be part of an anthology of shorts based on H.P. Lovecraft stories. This is just a warm up for the debut of his feature length POT ZOMBIES in which I have a larger role. This should come out in the next few months.

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